Sunday, July 5, 2009


I think you have made it very clear for me to understand. I am aware and also know that there is no reluctance in you.

You said that you will feel completely broken-hearted too, but i don't believe it. Though i used to hold your hands and spent time with me, it was all history.

I really hope that she really loves you more than i ( still) do, only then can i force myself to leave you.

You want a farewell, but i simply do not want to end this relationship. How do you expect me to be smiling and pretend like nothing has happened? I don't have a talent for this; embracing you and accepting her. Don't worry too much about me, I'll survive and live well.

You are very far away from me now, and I will also slowly walk away from your life. Why do I even let you choose how and when we break up ? I really have no talent , I can't be in silent so quickly. I will learn to give you up and that is because I love you too much.

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