Sunday, June 7, 2009

Last night went to watch Angels & Demons at the Empire Ciname with War, Om, Nabs and Chuan.. Was great, but for me, the first movie was much better.. and i was right bout "who's the villain really was" theory, it was between me and Om.. hihi.. Waridi tau dgr ckp ku aja.. haha.. then me and War off to S&S, but we missed the other gang.. they were already heading to TK.. so TK we went.... stayed there till 3am and then sent War home and i headed home all by myself~ don't wanna be.. all by myself~ hihi..

while on the road, i was reminiscing about my life.. my past and present... i was going 40-50km/h and it took me awhile to reach home so there was a lot of reminiscing done.. LoL.. seeing back through my past years, i can say it was quite fulfilling.. i mean, it was not great, but i managed to get through it.. there was a time when i was on my lowest point in my life, but i managed to get through it with the helps of friends, family and i'm giving myself some credits.. well i know there's a lot coming.. hey im only coming 25.. unless i die young and pretty, then that will be all the stories i have..

Anyway, this is my soundtrack for today..... hihi... why am i feeling so emo this few days????? daymmmnn~

In the wintertime Keep your feet warm But keep your clothes on and don't forget me Keep the memories But keep your powder dry too In the summer by the poolside While the fireflies are all around you I'll miss you when I'm lonely I'll miss the sunshine too Now don't forget me Please don't forget me Make is easy on me just for a little while You know I think about you I hope you'll think about me too When we're older a little slower it doesn't matter now come on get happy 'cause nothing lasts forever but I will always love you

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