Monday, June 1, 2009

Congrates to me!! I managed to dine in at a restaurant this afternoon... ALONE!! The feeling was weird but I managed to.. Been a while since i wanted to do this, and today, i have the courage to.. Im so proud of myself.. LoL.. Anyway, yesterday, I went to Mahmoud's house again to celebrate Felix's and my Johnny John John birthday.. Felix brought his wife, Uzi and his newly-born princess, Faviana.. What a cool name huh.. Almost the same as mine.. Fadiana = Faviana... Lawa namanya.. hihi.. The rest of the story, you should hear it from the guys.. haha.. so funny..

To Roz, congrates babe... Everythings gonna be alright~ Everythings gonna be ok~ hihi.. have faith babe!

And oh... here's a conversation of me and a guy:

Him : its really hard to catch up with you
Me : i knw right~ hihi.. why would you wanna catch up with me?
Him : cause I really really like you
Me : hahaha.. usulnya lagi...
Him : serious!
Me : seriously?!!! how? why? when?
Him : Honestly, I saw you once at a party.. Well, not really a party, much more at a gathering with food and music but no one was dancing.. lol
Me : erkk~ which party?
Him : Won't tell you..
Me : okaii~ and your point is.....
Him : I remember u were wearing your jeans and tshirt.. A lot of girls were wearing their jeans and tshirt that night, but youre the only one who caught my eyes..
Me : u must be blind since then... hihi..
Him : and I remember you were with you friends, mostly guys, laughing and smiling all through the night.. they were teasing you about something.. and I know for sure that you are quite manja with them cause they kept on treating you like their baby girl..
Me : Manja??? me manja?? haha.. confirm salah urg! hihi..
Him : Ndalah.. Well, you were acting all tough and I know you were one of the boys, but still, I can see that they still sees you as their best girl friend.. I really like that fact...
Me : Hmmm.. are you sure you got the right girl here? coz they treated me like a boy.. LoL.. ayway, i got a bf.. did u know that?
Him : I do.. but unless youre married, you still got choices..
Me : hahahhaa... that statement is very funny.. cam "urg kawin lagi bleh becarai" kinda statement.. very mean yet funny.. Him : well, that's the fact right?
Me : hmm.. yeah maybe.. ntah eh.. bah sudahtah.. I got a bf, I duno u, and Im not interested to.. Just wanna let u know that..
Him : I saw you with a friend that day at the mall.. You were wearing brownish baju kurung and tudung.. I must admit, you were looking so beautiful with the tudung.. When you smiled, I fell in love with you and kept falling.. since that night at the party, I kept wishing that Him : that we can meet again..
Me : whooaaa.. slow down boy.. this is getting creepy.. i gtg now.. my bf is here now.. bye..

Creepy eh!! Blocked him.. YEAH!! IVE BLOCKED YOU!! u can call me mean and heartless but im scared of you..

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