Sunday, May 31, 2009

This morning i woke up at 9am cause Amin called me.. How i miss him so much.. Then i started to tell everyone that Amin called me.. hahaha... Iski~ hihi.. Then Nabs msgd me telling me that she had a punctured tyre so I went there to accompany Chuan replace the tyre. God, it was like im the expert of changing tyres compared to Chuan.. hahaha.. Now, Im meeting up with Om and Waridi maybe, and we're gonna shop for Om's ASEAN corner thingy.. YAY!! Hope today gets better and better..

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yesterday I had it all
, work out to a tears..
But now something's wrong between you and me
I was wrong, so wrong
To think that I would stay
Seasons come and seasons go
And today is another day
I wanna say now's the time
To go our separate ways
I don't know I might be wrong
Could we find the strength to say
That our love, our love's seen some better days
And who's to say if I had the chance
That I'd make the choice to say
If you ever had something that you wanted to say
You better start talking before I go away
I wish that I could say I've been feeling okay
That I'll be bringing on the better days
But I wouldn't feel right
Knowing I was lying to you
Am I wasting all my time, will we try to make amends
I try to read between the lines
But all I see is the end

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