Sunday, February 21, 2010

have you ever been in love? i did.. and now i do.. I love him.. And I'm telling it to the whole wide world.. I know I don't have to, but I just have to say it.. Cause things like this, I just can't keep it to myself.. =)

He broke my heart.. He made me cry.. He crushed my dream and buried it in the ground..
But he also the one who glued my heart back, wiped away my tears and worked all through the night just to find that dream of mine and bring it back to life..

I've said it once, and I'd say it again.. He's my life now.. He's my everything.. And though there's been ups and down for us, deep inside me I know he loves me and one day, all that he promised will be done, though it had been broken now.. I'm an optimist.. I see good things in everything that happened.. Well, that's what I think of myself, despite of my paranoia and angst..

Nevertheless, I love my Kasyful Baqi.. And he said something that I'm looking forward to with anticipation.. Pray for our happiness friends..

Hold on to that feeling

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