Tuesday, October 6, 2009

After work with Bilah..

Usulnya lagi c Bilah ah.. hihi..

My food..

Her food..


Last day before PSR..

Attending the Khatam Quran for Sekolah Ugama Menunggol

After event.. Waiting for our boat at the jetty..

Sufian and the gang..



The SMB Reunion Party

The morning after.. Feeding Cumul



In the afternoon..

First day with new hair.. (no much diff..)

My Year 4..

Kids: Teacher, bulih kami duduk mana-mana saja?
Me: OK, as long as u finish your work on time before breaktime..
(yea.. they sat anyway alright!)

TK is the place where we wanna be~

What do we do actually at TK? THIS! We just randomly put on our helmets and talk..

I just wanna be in his arms right now..

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