Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spent my Sunday with Cumul.. From 3am - 5am, we were at the hospital.. Then Cumul had to be admitted for a couple of hours at the emergency room so I decided to go home first to freshen up.. Then at 7am picked Cumul up from the hospital again and treated her breakfast since she had not eat anything since the day before.. Then off to her house, tucked her in, and spent some more hours with her while she's asleep.. I made her laugh that day, that's all that matters to me.. For now, that's all I can do for her.. Rather to see her cry.. I feel her pain.. *Hugs*

At Azrin's..


At Memet's...

At Kurt's..

At Azrin's..

Above: The man of the house..

Zamri with his son.. So sweet~

At Betty's..

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