Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I hate being honked at! I got honked 3 times today.. Fuck! Two were at the shop, and one was after I sent K at Tambing. What the fuck was their problem? I was doing nothing wrong.. Seriously! There's no need to rush on a busy road people!!! No matter what you do, it won't go faster! Stupid ass!

it's not that they were born stupid, they were just too lazy to use their brains


Eulalia said...

me too hate it.. even th bkn aku yg kna honk.. nda ku suka mdgr jua.. ingat d indon.. haha.. senitive mdgr hon mcm diri yg kna honk.. lain kli lau ada org meng-honk.. honk ja blk.. biar bbalas pantun.. haha.. anywayyss.. mish u darl!!

ForGoTTeN said...

hahaha.. bebalas pantun bnr~ hihi.. i miss u too babe..