Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My first day back to school was hectic. As soon as I arrived til it was time to go home, I tried to finish my work, one week of work. Sigh~ I tried to, but it seems like the paper work just keep piling up. Not to mention that the young Ustaz kept looking at me. It made me feel so uncomfortable. So I moved to the library to so-called "finish" up my work. I did it as fast as I could, but its just impossible. Need to continue it tomorrow.

Tomorrow's agendas:
  1. Finish my paperwork
  2. prepare mock exam and 5'A's pupil's revisions for my Year 6 (I'll try to do it tonight)
  3. prepare Year 4's MIB scheme of work (I'll try to do it tonight)
  4. Lesson plan for next week (and hopefully the week after)
  5. Finish my SPN21 files
Need to rest now. The aching in my brain is killing me. Love yous!!!

I wrote his name on the bullet so everyone knows that he was the last thing to go through

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