Monday, June 15, 2009

Ive been feeling sick since last week, but I managed to bring myself to do some work. Mind over sickness.. But las night and today, I just couldn't. I was and still am, so sick that this morning at work, I just slept the whole time and they had to wake me up when it was time to go home. U know how "manja" I can be when I'm sick. Well, there's no one to comfort me right now.. And I think I'm pregnant!

KIDDING!! this is my attempt doing a funny while Im sick! sigh~

"someone's getting a ring" said Chuan... dumbass.. hihi...

14th June '09

- 6.15am, woke up. Took a shower. Ready!

-7.00am, arrived at his house to pick up Babu.. Otw, we talked about everything that came to mind. I think she likes me. hihi..

-7.15am, arrived at Sg.Akar. Saw him. Heart was beating fast. hihi.. among the bunch, he's still the fairest one eventhough he might be a little bit darker than before. He looked funneeehhh~ He kept looking at me from afar.. I think he missed me so much. I missed him too.

From that on, spent the whole day with him til 5.45pm, he had to leave me again. After sending him off, I fell really sick, til tonight.

p/s : he bought me a monopoly card. I was so addicted to that game that I was gonna buy it for myself.. but then, he paid for it. i was like a girl who had just be given a present on her birthday.. hihi.. See! I dont need diamonds or pearls or branded stuff to impress me, just gimme what I want.. =)

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