Monday, June 29, 2009

Boy : Im sorry.. I thought I love you, but I guess I was wrong.. Maybe it's because I like your company and you were always there for me that I got confused of my feelings towards you..

Girl : hihi.. its ok.. I understand.. Lets just be back to when we were only friends.. And I'm happy for you and her..

Boy : Thanks Girl.. I know you'd understand.. That's why you're my bestfriend..

Boy hugged Girl and left.

Girl's smile slowly fading and tears went down her cheek.

"I am happy for you" thought Girl as she watched Boy walk away.

aku yang kan mencintaimu.. aku yang kan selalu mendampingi mu... bila bahagia yang akan kau tuju.. bila butuh cahaya tuk menemanimu... pilihlah aku....


All those nasty words didn't mean a thing to me compared to when you said
I Love You

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